Friday, October 22, 2010

Make Money Online Without Following Traditional Marketing Tips

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How can you make money online without following the traditional tips ? The answer is through creative article writing like I do.The reason I called this creative article writing becuase I think we are all sick of those SEO way that dominate all the search engine result. It is good to have something new today and just for today. There are actually many ways to make money online.Do you always need a website or blog.Well,yes and no.A website or a blog will always help since you want your visitors can always come back to your website ,so that you will then have traffic.But for those who doesn't feel like to put any effort on web design,Clickbank is a good way because you don't really need a website for that. I like Clickbank since they have many products and services that you can promote it as an affiliate and make money from that.

1. You can make money online with infolinksInfolinks is just the most simple way that you can monetize your website with.Just sign up and wait for your account get approve by the infolinks support team. They need to check your website and usually jsut within one day or two,then you can jsut login to your account and copy and paste the code to your website. Some of the site such as Blogger or Wordpress can just use their pulg-in button. Just one click and you are all set .Easy money will show up in your account when any visitor drop by your website and click the in-text link once(the keyword with two green underline with it).

2. You can make money online with
I use blogger and it comes with many new templates for me to choose and many new features such as You can add many features related to Amazon to your blogger such as Amazon's search box and the daily feature from Amazon.The best of all is that you can add any product with a preview picture to your article and it will surely increase your earning potential.Christian can surely make money online with all these features from just a blog. Whether people pay you to blog or not,you just earn money like that.It is easy ,simple and sometimes it is fun. That's why I like internet marketing very much for it will never be boring and you are doing something you like all the times without any pressure.

Conclusion :
Why don't you try to use creative writing like I do to make moeny online right now and Christian can also enjoy some Christian articles that I wrote from my blog as well. I called this creative writing because I didn't even know what I was suppose to write before I wrote this article and now, I am finish. Thank you for reading my article and again come to vist my blog and get to know more about how you can make money online with fun and no pressure at all. SEO is not the only way to drive traffic anyway. There are many other ways as well.Keep learning and you will keep improving.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Christian earn money online with the affiliate code

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Christian can earn money online with different kinds of internet marketing programs.
The Affiliate Code by Michael Jones is his latest product on the Internet marketing market that Christian or non- Christian can surely consider with. Before its launch in November of 2009 the pre-launch had made many affiliate marketers excited and full of expectations. Since everybody knew from Michael Jones’ previous products that he delivers on his promises, we were waiting for his latest product to get our own profits.His clickbank code has just shaked the online business with a new sound.

Click here to go to the official site of The Affiliate Code.
The Affiliate Code gets you fast results at no financial cost. With relatively little effort, applied in a simple to follow pattern you will be able to generate lots and lots of traffic. And traffic is what it is all about in online business these days. You want quality traffic that really clicks through to the product and buys, don’t you ?I guess we all do.

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There are lots of ways for Christian to generate traffic towards the website, like pay per click for example, which will always create burden for your wallet. Other methods get you in the red with the most popular search engine and all of a sudden your website disappears from the face of the earth ranking-wise. Or you have to put in lots of time in writing article after article until you feel you brain is not functioning anymore. But still, you don’t get the results you wanted.

Michael Jones’ The Affiliate Code lets you generate traffic in simple method with a step by step video series. With little effort and no cost to you and what’s best: it’ll get you results fast. Sounds good ? He explains in detail what you need to do and how to do it. The system is comprehensive and complete. If you follow the instructions you are sure to generate lot and lots of targeted traffic to your website.

So if you’re Christian (or non-Christian) looking for a powerful way to generate free quality traffic quickly, The Affiliate Code is your answer.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Christain Earn Money Online With Infolinks

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There are many ways for Christian to earn money online and infolinks is one of the best way that I would highly recommended. Christian can earn money with this program because it is surely one of the best and the easiest way to make money online. All you need to do is sign up as a publisher with your website or your blog. Place the html code in your website contents after a short approval process by the infolinks support team. The infolinks support team is highly effective and they will reply to your request with detail assistance within 24 hours and sometimes ,just a few hours.That’s  it and you will see your money keep going up in your account. Well, of course you need vistors to click on those ads on your website before you can earn some money and that’s why you need traffic for your website ,so that people can see the ads. But one thing I need to tell you that don’t ever try to do click fraud by clicking the ads by your friends or yourself,why? It is because your account will be banned forever if you do that.So,”Don’t do that!”But if you are being a honest publisher, you will be extremely happy with your infolinks earning.Many people over the internet are saying that their what they earn from this company are much better than Google adsense,Kontera, bisvertiser,Chikita .It is free sign up and you have nothing to loss anyway. Click the following link and sign up now.

1.      What is Infolinks ?

Infolinks is a leading provider of PPC In-Text Advertising services. Infolinks enables website owners and online content publishers to benefit from premium contextual ads. Infolink's In Text Ads expose online visitors to highly relevant content, don't require any additional space on the websites and are quick and easy to integrate.
Established in 2007 and backed by Primeir Capital, Infolinks leads the industry with an attractive business model and guarantees the highest revenue sharing basis to all partners. Since the company's incorporation, thousands of websites have been integrating Infolinks In-Text ads.

Infolinks In-Text ads complete the contextual web ad experience initiated by AdSense. Infolinks integration takes 1-Minute only as it simply requires the insertion of one line of Infolinks script code into web pages' html. After that, the entire process is intelligently automated without being held to any long-term commitments.
Infolinks welcomes all legitimate websites - big and small - to experience the next generation of In-Text advertising.Again, there are no sign up fees, hidden commitments or qualification minimums.What are you waiting for , then ?   

2.      What are In Text ads ?

In-Text Ads look just like regular hyperlinks - but there's a big difference. You'll notice a double underline on certain keywords within your website's text. Hover your mouse over one of these links and voila, an in-text ad bubble will appear that relates directly to the keyword in question. If the customer is interested in learning more about the product or service being offered, they simply click on the ad bubble to go to the advertiser's site. It's that easy!

In text advertising works on a CPC model, which means that each time a website visitor click on an Infolinks In-Text ad, the websites owner get paid.

3.      Sign up as a publisher

Sign up is so easy as I have mentioned before but I would recommended that it would be nice for you to have a a paypal account because your earning will go right into your paypal account when the pay day comes.If you have a paypal account already, why not consider to upgrade your paypal account to a business account or Premier account right now since that will really help your online business and it I also free to join except you will need to pay a small percentage of service charge from paypal only when you receive a large amount of money.Upgrade your paypal with the following paypal banner if you want to do it right now. Then sign up to infolinks with the sign up link.

Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Infolinks sign up :


Infolinks is surely one of the best money making method that you can get online and that’s why I am recommending to all Christians and also to anyone who wants to make money online at the moment. You can control what kinds of ads that will appear on your website with the help of the infolinks FAQ section.I have just passed by a website last night and the owner of the website testifly she knew nothing but just to give infolinks a try.To her surprise,the first month,she earned $250 with just one website and the next month,over $300 and she did nothing. Let me share a secret for you, also add their related tags on your website and you will earn mush more.How? sign up and see their FAQ and you will know, it is easy.Well,I think this will be a good news that will encourage you to sign up with infolinks and start to earn money right now.Again,you have nothing to loss but everything to gain. Chrsitain or anyone can surely earn money online and I will be happy to see you earn moore money online and receive financial blessing like that.Just click the sign up link below.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Make Money Online With Kontera Publisher Program

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There are thousands of ways to make money online.You can always monetize your website and blog with Google Adsense and many other way as well. But as you know, Google Adsense is starting to have more restriction and it is getting harder for your application to get approval if you are just a new blog owner.Google wants your blog to be at least six months old before they can approve your application in nowaday.What else can you do to monetize your site then ? There is another way and it is a good way.It is through Kontera to help you to monetize your website and blog.

Webmasters and bloggers often seek additional advertising solutions to maximize their sites' profits or to make money blogging. Kontera In Text ads are a highly effective and profitable online advertising solution for websites and blogs.Can you see those two blue underline content-link on my blog related to special keyword (also in blue)? These are good examples of contextual-link from Kontera.

Integrating Kontera In Text ads on websites and blogs is an easy task. Kontera offers a variety of publisher tools to assure simple integration of the ads and enable publishers to customize the ads to best match their sites. Just place the ads on your site and let Kontera do the rest.

Sign up form :

On the other hand, You can increase your earning by sign up as an affiliate member of Kontera Publisher program. Anybody who signs up to be a publisher through your ,referral link (just as what I am doing now), you will receive 10% commission from your referral in their first 12 months starting from their sign up date.Well, if you sign up as an publisher , then you can join in their affiliate program at the same time,it will definitely be a good way to make money online through this advertising company.

Kontera also has good support for all your inquries and they will always reply to you and deal with your case within 3 days.In order to help you to receive the highest profits from their program, just join their program and you will also receive a very useful free ebook written by Joel Comm who is an expert on how to make money with Google Adsense.Joel Comm's new ebook is a good tutorial for anybody who wants to make money with Kontera. This ebook is excellent and highly recommended for any new beginner of Kontera.Just sign up and download this great ebook for free.

Sign up form :

Finally , I will encourage you to read the gulidline and terms of Kontera program before you sign up.It is because if you sign up but won't follow their rules to be a good publisher.You will be banned and everybody who just wants to click the advertisement by themselves is prohibited.Don't do that !

I hope you will receive the highest profits from Kontera program and If you can sign up with the link provided right now.Well, starting to be a Kontera publisher and affiliate right now and make money online with this easiest method. You have everything to gain but nothing to lose. What are waiting for then?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fast Weight Loss With The Bible Based Diet

Who doesn't want to loss weight fast and live with a slim and healthy looking body. Especially for ladies, it is just as important as like a diamond in today's society.Unfortunately, the mass media and advertisement today are not really responsible for all the information which they have provided.Some of the methods and tips they introduce to the public are not true at all.We always heard that " you want truth?Go to the bIble".Well,it is not a joke.In fact,the Bible does talk about Truth about diet.We call this Bible based Diet.What's that?Let's take a look.

Actually , Bible based diet is not a new fad. If you are  familiar with the Old Testament, you know that very specific rules regarding clean and unclean foods were spelled out. Today,the Jewish are still following certain guidelines depending upon the time of week or year and the type of food allowed or restricted, so a diet based on biblical beliefs is always there and it is certainly not  a new concept. 

Perhaps,you've heard all the talk about organic foods. and many people have taken this a step further by incorporating a belief that eating natural, organic foods is a Biblical way of taking care of our bodies. Some would take as an method for weight loss that — eating only what can be grown, in other words vegetables, fruits, and nuts.
Over-indulgence is harmful to the body and eat only what your body needs to remain is healthy. This train of thought pretty much eliminates sugars, white flours, etc., but you already knew that in order to lose weight you had to cut back on these, right? So, what types of biblical diets are available, and do they work?There are two of them:

Hallelujah Acres Diet

 George Malkmus is the founder of Hallelujah Acres and its diet, also referred to as Biblical NUTRITION 101. According to this site, "Biblical Nutrition 101 provides the information needed to not only restore health, but also, in most instances, disease-proof the entire family." It involves a twelve week course that can be downloaded directly from the site for free.Well, the founder is  pastor and it is free,so why not to visit the site and check it out.

Probably the most commonly known Bible-oriented diet is the Weigh Down Diet. Its founder, Gwen Shamblin, is a registered dietician and the creator of the "Exodus Out of Egypt" weight loss programs. The Weigh Down Workshop has been in over 60 different countries. The principles around this diet involve feeding the heart in order to feed the stomach. Relying on the belief that many people resort to food for comfort (and sometimes to reduce stress), Shamblin's program encourages people to turn to God first and eat only to nourish the body…not the mind and heart. The Weigh Down Diet's method is to losing weight incorporates the following points:
  1. Learn how to feed the stomach only when it is truly hungry.
  2. Learn how to feed or nourish the longing human soul with a relationship with God.
  3. Learn how to recognize the different "hungers" and not confuse them.  

Weigh Down Diet

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How to make money with Auto Blog ?

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Auto Blog Samurai Software Introduction -

AutoBlog Samurai is the first and only blogging software that helps you build multiple revenue streams online with a few clicks of the mouse. 

This is one of it’s kind, never seen before software that can create profitable blogs with ease.

Auto Blog Samurai is a quality product and is created by popular internet marketer Paul Ponna who is also the developer and creator of bestselling software products such as Miracle Traffic Bot, Magic List Bot, Disc Mojo and Auction Acrobat.

Now with the AutoBlog Samurai software you can create 10, 50 or even 100 profitable money generating blogs that can each generate $1 to $100 a day in record time!
Introducing AutoBlog Samurai…

A breakthrough content rich profitable blog generation software. This software is one of its kind and is already powering 15,000 blogs around the world!

This is the most robust, easy to use and the most powerful blogging software available online.

There has never been a better time to make money online from blogging. With Google acquiring, and Wordpress becoming the most popular and widely used blogging platform, blogs have become the number one source of information online by attracting free traffic from search engines.
Many blogs are now rivaling the traffic of established news media sites such as CNN, Fox News and other popular networks.
How The Software Works -

So now that you know the power of blogging, you might be wondering, how does AutoBlog Samurai generate money from the blogs you create with the software.

Let me show you how the software works…

1) First thing you do is pick a niche. We will provide you with comprehensive training on how to pick the most profitable niches
2) Once you do this, the software does all your research and automatically writes unique content for you
3) Then, the software takes this content and automatically posts it to your blog
4) The software keeps updating your blog every day automatically without clicking a single button
5) You start receiving free targeted traffic as your blog and content are already keyword and SEO optimized.
It’s as simple as that! Your sparkling new money generating blog is created in 10 minutes or less.
Cutting Edge Features -

The software automatically updates your blogs for you every day so you can go ahead and create more profit pulling blogs without having to worry about updating the blogs you already created with the software.

The most powerful feature of Auto Blog Samurai software is that, it can create blogs in any language so that you can target people from various countries around the world. The software supports a whopping 42 languages so you will never run short of untapped niches or worry about saturation or be constrained to audience from one part of the world.

And the most shocking part of it all is that the software automatically writes the content for you in various languages… You do not have to know any foreign languages to use the software!

This is nothing like you have ever seen before and the software is completely compatible with the most popular blogging platforms!

The software is completely scalable to manage thousands of niches and hundreds of money generating blogs on autopilot. You can now manage a massive blog empire of your own right from your desktop without having to go through the hassles of constantly writing new content and managing hundreds of profitable blogs at once.

Auto Blog Samurai for List Building -

If you are a seasoned marketer who wants to build a massive email list using the software, this is a perfect solution for you. Now you can instantly place your opt-in forms in hundreds of blogs and generate thousands of new subscribers and a flood of new traffic to any offer you like!

As you may know, email marketing is the most profitable medium to generate money online. Using AutoBlog Samurai… Lead generation, traffic, and building multiple income streams becomes an absolute breeze.
Wave good bye to all the ebooks, expensive manuals and software tools that just automate one part of your business. With AutoBlog Samurai you have an all-in-one solution that can control blogging, niche research, traffic generation and list building, all under one easy to use platform.

It is like having your own army of virtual workers who work 24 hours a day and complete all the time consuming work for you!

Special Limited ‘Early Bird’ Discount -

Our beta testers and customers from around the world are already raving about the software due to its incredible proven potential and flexibility. This is your opportunity to grab this breakthrough technology at a very special introductory launch discount.

just click the banner below and get ready to sign up ASAP 


Low Price ebooks for your everyday life

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We all want good stuffs but with low price,aren't we? It is good to have something that we are looking for in our everyday life including : knowledge on Auto, Parenting, Suceess and Self-Development, Outdoor and Adventures, Health, Careers and Jobs, Pets, Beauty and Skincare, Personal Finance and Investment, and much more.In this world ,knowledge is treasure and many people will agree with it.How can we gain knowledge ? One of the best way is through reading.It si good to enjoy a book on the beach with nice sunshine.But if you don't want to go outdoor.Low price ebook can be another good choice.The following links will direct you to lots of low price and good ebooks that will surely enrich your life.Click and see what will be your choice.

Success And Self-Development (9 ebooks)

Outdoors And adventures (12 ebooks)

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Parenting (12 ebooks)
Careers And Jobs (3 ebooks)

Beauty And Skincare (6 ebooks)

Security And Survival (10 ebooks)

Personal Finance And Investment (7 ebooks)

Travel And Vacation (4 ebooks)

Small business And Hobbies (24 ebooks)

Elders And Seniors (3 ebooks)

Home And Interiors (6 ebooks)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Organic And Natural Skin Care Tips For Women

Organic and natural skin care products are the mean focus as a gentle and effective alternative to chemical concoctions. There are two important trends in this growing industry . The first one has to do with demographics and the infamous baby boomer generation. These groups of people are born between 1950 and 1960’s.They have been a motivated force behind different trends for decades.Since they are middle-age and young senior citizens by now, many of these baby boomers are fighting old age every step of the way. They are concerned about issues such as health, exercise, and staying in their  mentally strength. Thus,many members of this dynamic generation also care about maintaining a youthful appearance for as long as possible. The second powerful trend is the green revolution. People from all ages are more concerned than ever with such issues as recycling, protecting the environment, and stewardship of creation. One main focus of the green revolution concerns the use of chemicals. For example, even major manufacturers of household products are now selling cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly. Similarly, many consumers are interested in natural skin care products in lieu of chemical-based toiletries and cosmetics.

Click the following link for special ebooks on Beauty & Skin Care :

Because of all these factors, the baby boomers and the green revolution have created a market for both established companies and entrepreneurial business. The number of online skin care and cosmetic companies is amazing. These squidoo len allow our customers the opportunity to shop twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We often provide important information about the health and cosmetic stuffs. For example, organic solutions are often created from raw plant ingredients, such as plant stem cells. Such items are designed to meet consumer demand for natural skin care products. These include hair care items, such as shampoos and conditioners, and face and body products. Some toiletries address specific skin care issues. For example, a product line may help consumers suffering from acne or eczema. Those with especially sensitive skin or allergies may benefit from natural cleansers and moisturizers. Anti-aging solutions especially appeal to age-fighting baby boomers. Typically, women are primary purchasers of skin care, but more and more men are participating in the future.

Almost all the women know that soap has a drying effect on their faces. Proper facial care includes three basic steps: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. There are natural skin care products that address each of these steps. Additional items protect the face from exposure to the sun, a prime cause of midlife wrinkles. Cosmetics include items like foundation and oil-absorbing powder, blush, eye shadows and eye liners, mascara, and lipsticks. Product lines usually include solutions that help set eye and lip colors for longer-lasting use. The solutions for the face are different than the solutions that are for the body because the face is different than the body. But cleansing and moisturizing are important for the body, too. 

Click the following link for special ebooks on Beauty & Skincare :

Christians believe that God has called them to be good stewards of His creation,especially to this life. These verses from the book of Genesis give support to that belief: "And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it. . . . And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof" (Genesis 2:15, 19). Supporting companies that manufacture and sell natural skin care products is one way to be a good steward of God's natural blessing and also participate in the green revolution. As already indicated, consumers may choose from several different companies for their health and cosmetic needs. Some of these companies offer free samples to new customers. This gives individuals an opportunity to try out a product before making a purchase which is a good start for the customers.On the other hand, signing up for free samples allows consumers to test out a company's speed in making deliveries and perhaps even customer service policies. As clever customers, consumers should research a company's shipping costs, delivery options, customer service access, and return/refund policies before placing an order.Anyway,it is important to be a happy customer.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Free Gift For Your Website And Affiliate Marketing Profits

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

How Can a Christian Living in a Non-Christian World ?

It is so easy to be a Christian because all you need is a simple faith in Christ Jesus.However ,it is not easy to follow Christ and live like a Christian in a non-Christian world.Christian will live according to what the Bible say but the world doesn't live like that way at all.Since anything can happen in a non-Christian world,then a Chrsitian will surely need more wisdom from the Bible and also the guidance of the Holy Spirit to live and shine for God's kngdom.The following tips are something that Christians need to be aware of.

1.Live with a prayer life all the times--- There are many things that Christian can't do in this world such as telling a lie or use all kinds of evil methods to solve problems like the non-believers do.When Christian face special situation in their school life or in their work place,th only teacher and coach who can help Christians to get through all the problems will be the Holy Spirit.The Holy Spirit is the only one who knows how to responds to different situation according to the Bible with wisdom.As a Christian ,we all need to sesitive to His Guidance and His voice.He is our comforter and He is our great leader who can lead us into all truth.He is the who can teach Christians how to glorify God in different situation.So Stick with the Holy Spirit in your everyday prayer life and you won't be lost.

2.Live with the Holy Bible all the times---Christian is living like sheeps enter in to a wolf gang when living in a non-Christian world.We will always prepare for persecution and rejection from our non-Christian friends and co-worker.That's the price to pay for being following Christ and we know that all these persecution is just temporary and short when compare to eternality.When the day we receive our reward from the everlasting God,all the persecution will becomes nothing.But still ,as long as we live in this world,we need to know how to act according to God's will.That's why it is important to keep God's holy Words in your life and in your mind everyday.Only when we know God's principle of a Christian living style,we can then face the challenge of everyday living in our non-Christian environment.

3.Live with a boldness to witness for Jesus all the times---Christian are more than a conquerer through Him who lead us all. Being a Christian is the most glorious thing in our life and we need not to hide ourselves from this world.Although there maybe Satanic attack or persecution from friends,employers and even family;we know that with Jesus,our commander,we will have the victory eventually.Thus,witness for God with a brave heart and kindness attitude.There is nothing more important than share Christ to others in this world.For all Christian knows that God alwyas longing for the lost soul to repent and stay away from the eternal judgement of mankind.When we think of how the eternal fire will burn a lost soul day and night,we will then understand how urgent that God wants Christian to share the gosple and be a bold witness to Christ every single second in our life.So..go,go,go....Save more lost souls for Jesus in this year!

Christian live in a non-Christian world is not easy since it is a Spiritual battle.Let's always pray for all Christian around the world and also encourage one another that Jesus had won the battle on the cross.We can never be a loser and we will fight to the end until we reach the Lord's throne and see the glory of the risen Christ.With bthe help of the Holy Spirit,you can do it and we all can do it.Amen!

I Love You If

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Listen to what the world is saying to you:

I love you if you love me.
I love you if you give me something.
I love you if you are lovable.
I love you if you know this or that.
I love you if you have money.
I love you if you have a car.
I love you if you can make me happy.
I love you if you can help me.
I love you if you can listen to me.
I love you if....................................!

Listen to what God is saying to you :

I love you anyway even if you don't love me.
I love you with unchanging and everlasting love.
I love you and accept who you are.
I love you and always want to be with you.
I love you because I created you.
I love you all the times.
I love you right now.
I love you even when you have nothing.
I love you because I am love.
I love you and there is no if.....................!

For God so love the world that he gave his only begotten son.Whosoever will believe in Him,shall never die but have everlasting life.His son?........Jesus is His name.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

How can a Christian listen to others and be a people's helper ?

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A Christain can be a great help to others if he or she just learns how to listen to others with some simple skills and techniques.There are times we love to give advice to others and keep on talking without first understanding the need of others.In order to understand others and offer our help in the most effective way, listening will always be the first step in the helping process that any Christian should never be ignored.The following 4 keys are important tips for helping others :

1.Eye Contact : It is not just to show our respect for others  with our appropriate eye contact,it is also a way to understand others by observing their facial expression and body language as well.For example,tears will always indicating that some kinds of hurt is taking place deep down in one’s inner being. That is a sign for any Christian helper to play more attention on that particular issue of the one who is crying . 

2.Emotion :  It is important for any Christian helper to identify different feeling of the one who is telling his or her own story.There are more than 400 terms to describe each feeling such as happiness,pain,lonely, joy,stress,     sad,depress,bitterness,hopeless,longing for,anger and so forth.A Christian helper need to understand the feeling within the conversation of others and help them to understand their own feeling as well.It is because sometimes the one who is speaking might not fully aware of all the feeling involved in his or her problem. 

3.Summarize : There are times the one who need helps just want to keep on talking but without understanding the real problems behind the speech.It is good to have the Christian helper to summarize the problems in point form after that person has finished sharing his or her own story.It is not just a way to show that real listening has been taken place during the conversation but it also serve as a reflection for that person to understand what he or she has just said.That person will then has a clear picture on what the real problem really is in his or her own life. 

4.Prayer : A Christian helper need not act like a counselor at all times and in fact, a Christian counselor needs more training than the normal Christian helper who just wants to offer listening and support to others.There are times,you will find that your advice and opinion are just not that helpful to others but offer a prayer right at the moment ,can be more powerful and helpful to others than anything thing else. Pray for the person and ask God to intervene in that problem and show His presence and love to that person; it may be the most useful way to help that person right at that moment.Just let God do His part and watch what will happen after.God is so powerful and merciful in answering our prayer.  

Conclusion :

The Holy Spirit will always be the comforter of Christians and will always teach us how to pray according to His will. If Christians can give all glory to God and see how Jesus can help others through a listening process offered by any Christian helper. More people will experience the love of Jesus and praise God with a humble attitude.That will surely lead more people getting closer to the Christ and experience all the riches and love of Jesus.Amen.



          How to understand and support your pastor ?

          What do you know about a pastor? Is the pastor more holy than other ?Is the pastor free from sin and temptation ? Is the pastor a human or a superman? Questions like that will always come to our mind. It is better to know the journey of a pastor ,so that we will see the job of a pastor from a different perspective.

          1. The pastor is nothing but a called person from God

          God can use anyone in this world to accomplish His will if He wants to. But some Christians will receive a special calling from God to be a pastor and it is totally God’s sovenighty. He never called a perfect Christian to do such a job since there is no perfect Christian in this world. In fact, many pastors are so weak in many ways that they always try to disobey or avoid the calling in the beginning. The pastors know that it is never an easy job as a pastor but to response on God’s calling, they accept it by faith and obedient as a result.

          2. The pastor is a person who need prayer all the times

          Who will be the first person that the devil wants to attack in the church.? Of course it will be the pastor. Why ? It is because the pastor is the sherperd of the church and the leader who will motivate and teach Christians to share the gospel to the world. The pastor should be a person who will always preach God’s word and win the lost souls for Christ. That means he is always trying to stop people from going to hell. No wonder the Satanic force will surely wants to attack the pastor all the times in order to destroy God’s church as a result. That’s why a pastor will always face temptation and attack and sometimes more than the general Christians of the church. No wonder you need to pray for your pastor everyday and ask the Lord Jesus to send His angels to always protect the pastor from being attack.It is your job to pray for your pastor everyday.

          3. The pastor is a human who will sometimes feel discourage and lack of faith as well

          Don’t think that a pastor who always encourage you to have faith in God will never be discouraged in his daily living.The pastor is a just a human and not a superman.He will always experience stress and failure from the church members and also anything happen in his life as well.We need to understand the pastor as we expect others to understand us.We have to love the pastor and always encourage him when we sense that the pastor might be upset on anything.It is better to be an angel to your pastor and show your support and love to the servant of God at all times.It is always a blessing to have a pastor in your life,so make sure you will treasure this God-send sherperd for you and your church. Do you know that there are many churches in this world which has no pastor at all or for a long time?If you have one,just treasure whoever you have.He may not a person who you will like to be with at all times but try your best to show respect and submissive to your pastor as long as he or she is leading and teaching everyone according to the Bible.

          Conclusion :

          Your pastor may not be a perfect person and will sometimes make mistakes and even committed to sin as well.When things like that happen,don’t judge your pastor because God will do this part and you are not the one to judge others.However,you can show your opinion with love and always express your forgiveness in Christ.That will be the best way to rebuild your pastor when he or she is down and fall from sin.If every Christian can love the pastor of the church,the pastor will surely do a better job and fulfill God’s will in a better way.
          May God bless you and your pastor as well.


          Friday, September 17, 2010

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