Friday, October 22, 2010

Make Money Online Without Following Traditional Marketing Tips

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How can you make money online without following the traditional tips ? The answer is through creative article writing like I do.The reason I called this creative article writing becuase I think we are all sick of those SEO way that dominate all the search engine result. It is good to have something new today and just for today. There are actually many ways to make money online.Do you always need a website or blog.Well,yes and no.A website or a blog will always help since you want your visitors can always come back to your website ,so that you will then have traffic.But for those who doesn't feel like to put any effort on web design,Clickbank is a good way because you don't really need a website for that. I like Clickbank since they have many products and services that you can promote it as an affiliate and make money from that.

1. You can make money online with infolinksInfolinks is just the most simple way that you can monetize your website with.Just sign up and wait for your account get approve by the infolinks support team. They need to check your website and usually jsut within one day or two,then you can jsut login to your account and copy and paste the code to your website. Some of the site such as Blogger or Wordpress can just use their pulg-in button. Just one click and you are all set .Easy money will show up in your account when any visitor drop by your website and click the in-text link once(the keyword with two green underline with it).

2. You can make money online with
I use blogger and it comes with many new templates for me to choose and many new features such as You can add many features related to Amazon to your blogger such as Amazon's search box and the daily feature from Amazon.The best of all is that you can add any product with a preview picture to your article and it will surely increase your earning potential.Christian can surely make money online with all these features from just a blog. Whether people pay you to blog or not,you just earn money like that.It is easy ,simple and sometimes it is fun. That's why I like internet marketing very much for it will never be boring and you are doing something you like all the times without any pressure.

Conclusion :
Why don't you try to use creative writing like I do to make moeny online right now and Christian can also enjoy some Christian articles that I wrote from my blog as well. I called this creative writing because I didn't even know what I was suppose to write before I wrote this article and now, I am finish. Thank you for reading my article and again come to vist my blog and get to know more about how you can make money online with fun and no pressure at all. SEO is not the only way to drive traffic anyway. There are many other ways as well.Keep learning and you will keep improving.


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